We take the stress out of Apartment Turnover!

turnoverapp is the simplest way to manage turnovers.

What is an Apartment Turnover?

Apartment Turnover is the process of changing tenants in an apartment unit. It involves checking out the outgoing tenant, inspecting for damage, scheduling and implementing maintenance, painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning and flooring replacement as needed, and then a final inspection prior to allowing the new tenant to move in.

Turnover chaos

turnoverapp brings order to the chaos of turnover

You set the schedule, assign teams, track team progress and see a live view of progress throughout the day.

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Fast Communication makes Faster Turnovers

Most companies have been using spreadsheets, white boards, sticky notes, text messages, phone calls and sometimes even smoke signals to coordinate service providers for the turnover process. It seems there is never enough time to do it all, people are never organized enough and administering it is a time consuming process.

turnoverapp can fix that!
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The old way is filled with delays due to poor communication.
  • Information is scattered
  • Managers aren't updated quickly
  • Teams aren't allocated efficiently
  • Teams sit idle waiting for approvals
  • Turnover often takes hours longer than it should
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Using turnoverapp is fast, organized and efficient
  • Information is centralized
  • Managers are updated instantly
  • Teams efficiently work together
  • Teams no longer wait for approvals
  • Turnover takes far less time than before
What makes turnoverapp.com unique?

We have been in the cleaning industry for years and we understand the critical issues involved with getting the job done on time and on budget.


Stop wasting time using spreadsheets and clipboards

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Now you can track the real-time progress of your units from anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The crews in the units update their progress by using a simple web application that works on any internet enabled device.

Now you can stop walking the hallways to update your spreadsheets and be able to respond to situations quickly.

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Why did we create TurnoverApp?

Our team has been involved in the industry for years and we have first hand experience with the difficulties involved with organizing and performing student housing turnovers.

Between dealing with all of the different vendors and crews, the lack of quick communication of the status of each unit and the time crunch involved with getting so much work done on a short schedule, we decided to build a system based on new technology to help us in our businesses.

TurnoverApp has worked so well for us that we decided to offer it as a solution for the industry so everyone can save as much time and money as we have.

Turnover chaos